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Buying Office 2016/2016-Dec-16 13:45:14-  Directory
Cell Basics/2016-Dec-16 13:45:16-  Directory
Charts/2016-Dec-16 13:45:16-  Directory
Checking Spelling/2016-Dec-16 13:45:18-  Directory
Conditional Formatting/2016-Dec-16 13:45:18-  Directory
Creating More Complex Formulas/2016-Dec-16 13:45:20-  Directory
Creating and Opening Workbooks/2016-Dec-16 13:45:20-  Directory
Doing More with PivotTables/2016-Dec-16 13:45:22-  Directory
Filtering Data/2016-Dec-16 13:45:24-  Directory
Formatting Cells/2016-Dec-16 13:45:24-  Directory
Freezing Panes and View Options/2016-Dec-16 13:45:26-  Directory
Functions/2016-Dec-16 13:45:28-  Directory
Getting Started with Excel/2016-Dec-16 13:45:28-  Directory
Groups and Subtotals/2016-Dec-16 13:45:30-  Directory
Inspecting and Protecting Workbooks/2016-Dec-16 13:45:32-  Directory
Intro to Formulas/2016-Dec-16 13:45:32-  Directory
Intro to PivotTables/2016-Dec-16 13:45:32-  Directory
Modifying Columns Rows and Cells/2016-Dec-16 13:45:34-  Directory
More Resources/2016-Dec-16 13:45:36-  Directory
New Features in Office 2016/2016-Dec-16 13:45:36-  Directory
Page Layout and Printing/2016-Dec-16 13:45:36-  Directory
Relative and Absolute Cell References/2016-Dec-16 13:45:38-  Directory
Saving and Sharing Workbooks/2016-Dec-16 13:45:40-  Directory
Sorting Data/2016-Dec-16 13:45:42-  Directory
Tables/2016-Dec-16 13:45:42-  Directory
Track Changes and Comments/2016-Dec-16 13:45:44-  Directory
Understanding Number Formats/2016-Dec-16 13:45:44-  Directory
Understanding OneDrive/2016-Dec-16 13:45:46-  Directory
Using Find Replace/2016-Dec-16 13:45:46-  Directory
What are Reference Styles/2016-Dec-16 13:45:46-  Directory
Whatif Analysis/2016-Dec-16 13:45:46-  Directory
Working with Multiple Worksheets/2016-Dec-16 13:45:48-  Directory